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Pure Indian Classical Music
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Harp Performance by Christa Thornburg: January 17, 2009 4.00 pm.

About the Artist: 

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Raised in Hawaii, a place often referred to as the “melting pot of the Pacific,” Christa Thornburg was exposed at an early age to a wide cultural spectrum that encompassed art and music.  A deep sense of “connectedness” with many types of people was cultivated through these experiences, and a strong recognition emerged that unity can be arrived at through the conscious practice of the creation of beauty offered purposefully in service to others.  Christa developed skill in the arts and service through graphic design, painting, video production, and other various media, including most recently that of lapidary (working with stones and gems). She currently volunteers her artistic skills and shares her talents with others of all ages.   It was not until recent years that a long held aspiration to explore music found the opportunity to awaken.  Doors opened and a world of sound and vibration was revealed.  The “clarsach,” often referred to as the ancient wire-string Scottish harp, became the new artistic medium to explore.  With the help of a highly skilled teacher, Christa has had the opportunity to delve into the magical and creative wonders that are hidden inside the clarsach and then share with others the beauty found. Christa presently lives in Winston-Salem, NC with her husband and two children.



The Evening on the 17th January, 2009 was something which all of us will remember for a long time.
The event began with the Indian tradition of lightening of the "deep" which symbolizes the enlightening of the mind, and our respect to one universal power (God).
It was followed by short but excellent Sitar performance by Samuel Taylor. On behalf of all students, Sam played "drut gat" in Raaga "Rageshree" welcoming the main Artist Christa. "Rageshree" is a beautiful night Raaga, Sam played a composition by Pandit Laxmikant Doshi in Teen Taal, (16 beats), followed by Jhala. The performance was appreciated enormously by all.
Christa started her performance by explaining about the history and techniques of the harp. Christa is enormously knowledgeable and it was a priviledge hearing her speak about the harp and practically explaining the techniques. Students kept on asking questions mainly about the technique (which was the main purpose of the event) , and Christa answered them all, patiently.
Then she actually started the performance; and it seemed, that time stopped !
As the sound of the harp was captivating, so were the compositions which came out flowlessly from Christas fingers! It was nearly one and half hours and all of us were virtually taken over by the aura created by Christa, and her harp.
 At the end, Christa surprised all of us by offering the students to try the harp; and all gladly did!
Overall, hearing Christa, was one of the best new year treats, we could have ever imagined.