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Pure Indian Classical Music
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The most well known "pot like" drum is, the Tabla.This is typically North Indian and now popular throughout the world. Actually, there are two bowl-drums comprising the instrument- the right one dayan (Tabla proper) and the left bayan. The dayan is made of wood. It is taller than the bayan & made of metal. Both are set in front of the sitting player and played with the palms and fingers.

Multiple layers of leather, loading of the leather and plaits holding the skin. The hide face which is struck is not a single piece as in the western side-drum or kettle drum. It consists of a circular piece which is pasted to a annular leather ring. Thus in the Tabla and the dagga, there are two pieces of leather. Over the skin face is applied a mixture of iron or manganese filings, rice or wheat flour and glue: again of thin layers. This loading which looks black is called syahi(ink).

The Pakhavaj used in Hindustani music is similar to Karnatak mridangam; The difference between tabla and mridangam is mridangam is one part and seems that tabla has originated from mridangam. It can be imagined that the mridangam is cut into two for forming the tabla. All these techniques of attaching and loading the hide make the sound more musical, & accurately tunable. In the Tabla, tuning can be done either by striking up/down a small wooden cylinder for gross changes, or beating on the plait. The dagga, however, has no tuning blocks; indeed its pitch cannot be adjusted as finely as the Tabla at all ! It should be remembered that the tabla and the mridangam are generally not used as main instruments in concerts, but only as accompany instruments.

Some major artists who have set new standards for tabla are Pandit Kishan Maharaj, Ustaad Zakir Hussain, Shri Nandan Mehta, Shri Anando Chakraborty, Shri Kumar Bose, Professor Sudhirkumar Saxena, Shri Devendra Daveetc..